Making of a Cocktail Party

I recently worked with art director Phillipa Burke from agency Smart to produce a few lifestyle images of a mock – cocktail party. The brief from Smart was to create shots which depicted a sophisticated lounge atmosphere celebrating summer and our outdoor lifestyle. We assembled 10 talent one sunny afternoon and shot a series of day and night shots using natural & artificial light, with coloured gels to simulate candlelight.

As I was driving around today I spied a couple of these on buses, look out for them on billboards and on other media.



Hello 2012, We’re Back

Today we launched the new re-branded KSP website and updated commercial portfolio, along with stationery and social media identities. Straight out of the gate I gotta thank: Andrew Suggit for the new branding, Cyberdo for the site, and my (new inhouse) producer Bel for helping me curate and shape my portfolio towards getting more work (more on that in a bit).
While I had always been happy with my initial site and branding, it was time to invest a bit in something a bit more fresh and directed at the bigger ballpark that I intend to play in.
Now, before dropping a big investment (read around 8k) on a new digital shopfront and signage, it was important to make sure that my portfolio was pointed in the direction I wanted to go professionally. Over a couple weeks and emails back and forth, we cut/rehashed/revisted a lot of shoots that I have done and came up with what you see here. Around the same time I met Suzanne Murray from Artisan, who is in the business of curating portfolios, and she invited me to bring my book into their office and they would have a go at curating it. While I’ll post excerpts from that meeting at a later date, suffice it to say it was a really healthy exercise and I’d recommend any creative to undertake something along those lines.

Without further ado….welcome to the all new Kenny Smith Photography site

Olympic K4 Captain Tate Smith

I got the call again to work with art director Rachel Simper in producing 3 portraits of Olympic Kayaker Tate Smith. Tate strokes the Australian Men’s K4 Team, who finished second in the world this year. He’s one of our medal hopes for the 2012 London Olympics.

Gold Coast Suns (AFL) Football Club

I was recently asked by advertising agency Tusk to produce some images for the Suns AFL team.

The brief called for stylized shots to be shot during the day, but appear as if they were during an actual night game, while focusing on the Suns Merchandise for retail.

To get the look we were after, I had my right hand man Josh hold an strobe with an umbrella on a pole above our key talent, in what we cheekily refer to as “the Leibovitz” since Annie seems to do it a fair bit. We then underexposed the scene, making sure that the only light coming through was from the light we were firing. The talent that was not the absolute focus of each hero shot vanished into the falloff.

To complete the mood, we had 2 more lights behind the talent, one in a large softbox to the left of shot, and one high up behind everyone facing towards the camera. These gave the lighting I envisioned would be there at a real game.

We then shot players David Swallow, Campbell Brown, and Maverick Weller on field and in the locker room. For these we used a range of single light beauty dish to 3 light setups.

The product component was shot by our friends at Many Things.

Special thanks to all the cast, players, Tayah Bot from the Suns & Andrew Suggit & Darren Gill from Tusk



Ok fine, you can laugh at me……BTS video

Here’s a BTS vid of me inside a V8 Supercar with none other than 2010 series Champion James Courtney.

My defence is that I didn’t know that the in built cameras were on, otherwise I would have pulled “cooler” faces. But then again, I’m not sure if I could.

Watch through to about the 1 minute mark where I really start to lose it


The Ten Tenors

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share work I’ve recently done for non-disclosure reasons, so I’m excited to show some behind the scenes pics of a shoot from 2 days ago….hot off the press.

I spent the day with The Ten Tenors shooting the tour posters for their upcoming World tour.

A real great bunch of talented guys who are doing an amazing job of representing Australian music on a global scale.

Here’s a link to The Ten Tenors on Oprah earlier this year

You can see all the behind the scenes pics taken by assistant Janaka here

Dead Kooks

Teamed up with friends of mine Eden & Chloe the other day. Eden’s a rad guy and likes to make his own things you can surf on. I like people who make things; creatives, craftsmen, the like. You can check out his surfing boards on the Dead Kooks site.

View the whole In:Series here

In the Bay with JM Paddleboards

I went and shot some promo pics for JM Paddleboards, the brainchild of 9 time Molokai Paddleboard champ, big wave surfer and Quiksilver athlete Jamie Mitchell.

I’ve spent a bit of time in shaping bay’s and have always thought they have cool light.

For those of you who haven’t ever been in one, this is what you’ll see

You can view the whole shoot here

All Aboard the Rain Train

Anyone that has been on the East coast of Australia will know how much it’s rained lately, weeks and weeks nonestop. I never thought it could rain this much, ever, anywhere. Along with messing with my head, it’s been messing with my business too.

Was scheduled to shoot a profile of actor Felix Kong, who’s been in recent roles in Sea Patrol, alongside Underbelly star Geyton Grantley in new film Full Catch, and in commercials for Subway and Nokia.

The weather just wouldn’t cooperate though, and our deadline was fast approaching. I finally had the idea of just riding the train to stay dry, and seeing what would happen. We packed real light, camera, lenses, Haley Whittle my makeup artist kept watch, and we came home with some cool shots.

You can view the whole shoot here

Courtney Hancock – Beachgirl to Ironwoman

Just finished working with Courtney Hancock, an athlete on the Kellogg’s Nutrigrain series. The brief to me called for an editorial type piece for publication to give a bit of insight on who Courtney is.

The story I’m telling is of the transition from Courtney the young beach girl, enjoying herself just like anyone else her age does,  to the unbridled drive that makes her a serious contender as an Ironwoman.  I think the transition between the lifestyle shots through to the final image of her running on the beach does that.

4 days after this shoot Courtney came runner up in the Coolangatta Gold endurance race.

Click through to see the whole series here