Getting Sick with Steve….for (commercial) laughs

Just got word that I can now share some outtakes from a shoot we recently delivered for agency Simjen.

The brief called for an image depicting the concept “Revive your Business”.

We got the commission on a real tight timetable, and I literally had about 4 hours to get the team together, get directions to the talent to the studio from the airport & shoot it, and then deliver the proof images that night.

Got to work with former Ralph Lauren model Steve Nation, who you may also recognize from that famous Listerine ad with the cheeks exploding and the barnacles blowing off the bottom of the yacht.

Special effects make up was done by Haley Whittle and on real short notice I was able to get some props from a contact in the medical industry. We shot about 200 frames in studio & that was a wrap!

Below are some of my favorite outtakes, Steve’s acting ability had me struggling not to burst out laughing the whole time.