Life Before Lockdown | A Retrospective of a Shortened 2020 Fly Fishing Season

During the Covid19 lockdown I rummaged through my personal archives. Images I probably would have forgotten about in normal circumstances after sharing casually on the ‘gram

This time at home has come with many feelings, but none more powerful than thankfulness. For friends, travel, and the outdoors. Getting away to explore new places or catch up with distant friends seems like such a luxury now, and probably should have then too.

I wonder if I would have reacted to these fish differently if I knew of the international shutdown that was coming? I also think about the fish who no doubt enjoyed a shortened season; a few months swimming free with no anglers hasseling them.

All fish caught were released.

Must Read for Creatives or any Business Owners – Skip Perfection & Launch Early

I’m in Sydney doing meet & greets all over town. I’m at the friendly Mad Spuds cafe in Surry Hills blogging in a caffeine induced euphoria in between showing my book to the biggest agencies in the country.

I read this great post over on the blog about the Beta Principal. The concept is one that the major technology players have been doing for years. Launching a product knowing it’s not ready, and getting feedback about it’s faults and perfecting them that way.

Obviously there are some hazards to this theory which need to be carefully negotiated, and I’m not gonna list them here, they’re pretty flippin obvious. What I am inspired about is the call to get off our asses as creatives and put our work out there. Anyone who’s ever asked me how I think they should start building a client base has heard me repeat the tried and true saying “make more pictures, show more people”.

The reality is our work is never gonna be “perfect”, thats a lifelong process. If we wait for perfection in our product before we do something it’s never gonna happen.

Read the entire article here