Outdoorsy Types | Everyday Hikers in the Dolomites

While in the Dolomites in Northern Italy I asked fellow hikers if I could photograph their portraits. I learn so much from little projects like this, how to approach subjects, introduce what I’m doing, and then make myself as invisible as possible so the subject is free to give me an expression that is real.

I tried to limit myself to a single frame of each person, no selects or options. Just “click” and that’s it. It felt amazing.

There’s more from this project on my homepage.


Haos is the word for dwelling¬†in Pijin, the language commonly spoken in the Solomon Islands. I travelled there recently and viewed and stayed in these local structures. Coming from a culture where the idea of houses has developed into something much more complicated; an investment, a symbol of status, it’s also interesting to reflect on the similarities; a place of rest, shelter from the elements, a location for families to return to after the days work. ¬†Happy New Year to you and your Haos!

Alps 2 Ocean – A Cycle Journey

I recently completed the Alps 2 Ocean trail as a guest of Tourism Waitaki, joining a group of tourism professionals I was treated to what was an amazing 5 day journey through the South Island of New Zealand, beginning in the Alps and ending on the East Coast. Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the trip:

Sun Super commissions The Ol’ Boys project to lead new print campaign

I was honoured when James Burchill at Rumble showed financial services brand Sun Super The Ol’ Boys and suggested they commission the works for their new print campaign. It’s a wonderful feeling to have work come directly out of personal projects. We recreated 5 new The Ol’ Boys portraits especially for them.

This campaign is out now and it’s nice to see them printed very large in some very prominent places.

To see more of The O’ Boys click here



Happy Snapshot

I was on Stradbroke Island not long ago shooting an advertising project. Walking back to the car I saw these junior Surf Lifesavers walking on the beach on patrol. The colours of their uniforms and the perfect white sand of Stradbroke Island just punched me in the face! Luckily I was holding a medium format camera. I don’t even recall exposing I just lifted it, waited a second for them to walk into position on my frame and snapped! This shot really spells out summer in Australia for me. I wound up getting an honorable mention for it at the 2013 International Photography awards. Happy Dayz


New Personal Project: The Ol’ Boys

The Ol’ Boys is an ongoing personal project I’ve begun about those surfers who get up for “the early”, day in and day out. A term used to describe a person who has been surfing a particular spot for a long time, The Ol’ Boys is not about people surfing, rather people who surf.

A project that I expect will go on for a long time, if not a lifetime, this collection of portraits looks to individually capture the faces of long time surfers and as a collection capture the essence of non-professional surfing.

I’ve had this project floating around in my head for years, and every time I went for a surf I’d look around and see these characters with weathered faces like timesheets telling of the years they’ve spent in the lineup. I had a particular lighting style in mind, specifically how I wanted their eyes to look. After experimenting we used a combination of natural and artificial light with reflectors to shape our subject’s faces, then recorded them on a 60 megapixel Phase One.

Big thanks to the over 30 surfers who have to date taken part, Camera Pro and L&P Photographics for the Phase One and support, the Gold Coast City Council for the permits and of course producer Kat Cooke, and assistants Josh Maguire and Orion Grey.

The first portraits from this project will be exhibited soon, watch this space.

KennySmith_Ol'' Boys


I’ve been carrying my Hasselblad around with me, hanging with friends or on commercial projects. I’ll bring it out if I have the time and shoot a couple frames. Man do I loooove square format, Ii just feels right, and I suspect the 45 million photos a day on Instagram agree. All these were shot on a 500c using Portra 160 or 400

Kenny Smith Film