Joining the Drive to Save Lives

Shot a nice little project to promote motorcycle safety that’s now in the market. We were asked to create visuals that illustrated the idea that a rider’s relationship with a motorbike is like a marriage, and sometimes needs tender loving care to keep it on track. The purpose is to promote driver re-training courses for middle-aged riders returning to a motorbike after a long period off the bike.

We were blessed with some really nice bikes and styling on the shoot, and our human talent did a fantastic job with his 2 wheeled co-stars.

Ride safe everyone!


Sun Super commissions The Ol’ Boys project to lead new print campaign

I was honoured when James Burchill at Rumble showed financial services brand Sun Super The Ol’ Boys and suggested they commission the works for their new print campaign. It’s a wonderful feeling to have work come directly out of personal projects. We recreated 5 new The Ol’ Boys portraits especially for them.

This campaign is out now and it’s nice to see them printed very large in some very prominent places.

To see more of The O’ Boys click here



Sports, People

A couple weeks ago I worked on a personal project showcasing people playing sport. I wanted to reenact memorable movements within each sport, isolated on a studio background. With a bit of planning and a truckload of Broncolor lighting we were able to get a number of real athletes on the huge Cyc at studio Thirty Four and go to work.

Everyone that helped out was amazing, and we all worked hard to get authentic sporting movements and had an amazingly fun time doing it.

A VERY big shoutout has to go to Paul from the Brisbane Bandits baseball team, Lachlan from AFL Queensland, and Adventure Racers Mike and Debbie.

Also to my crew, as always main assistant Josh, 2nd and 3rd assistants Katrice and Gina, Erin from ARC Creative, and last but not least everyone at Thirty Four.

Here is the series, we’re calling it: Sports, People


Old Man MMA Selected for Feature on Behance Network

Woke up to the news this morning that my personal project Old Man MMA had been selected by the Behance Network to be featured on it’s “Photography Served” page.

Curator Oscar Ramos Orozco in his email said: “Hello Kenny, Congratulations! Your project was just featured on the front page of which showcases the best projects on the Behance Network. Our editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.”

Thanks for the encrouagement Behance! High Fives!

New Personal Work – Old Man MMA

A couple weeks ago I was able to complete a project that was in the pipeline for some time. I had this story in my head with 2 elderly guys set in the brutal sport of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts.

I was discussing it one evening with good friend and art director Mike Fritz and after about a year finally everything came together and we were able to shoot it.

I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who was involved, First of all to Mike my co-conspirator and art director, my team of Josh Maguire and his assistants, special effects makeup by Sharon Robbins from ARC, styling by Michelle Michaelson and of course the amazing cast of Hugh, Stewart, Daisy, Tom, and Liam. Last but not least to the amazing venue which is a working MMA gym Phoenix Elite MMA and Conditioning, thank you!

Without any more ado, here it is………Old Man MMA

Dead Kooks

Teamed up with friends of mine Eden & Chloe the other day. Eden’s a rad guy and likes to make his own things you can surf on. I like people who make things; creatives, craftsmen, the like. You can check out his surfing boards on the Dead Kooks site.

View the whole In:Series here

I’ve Been Served……via Behance

If you’re a creative professional¬† and “up” on all things hip, then you’re probably like me and a huge follower of the Behance Network.

Part of my daily routine is a glance over at the “Served” sites, which curate the top projects from the thousands posted to Behance from all over the World, and summarize them into each category.

I was really pleased to get this email from chief curator Oscar Ramos Orozco:

Hello Kenny,
Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on and will appear on its front page. We developed our network of category-specific Served sites to further showcase the best projects on the Behance Network.
Our editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.
Congrats, and thanks for being involved in the Behance Network.

Oscar Ramos Orozco
Chief Curator /// Behance LLC
530 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

You can check out my project on Behance here:

The Art of Dissatisfaction

Read this thought provoking post on Seth Godin‘s blog about how successful brands are built on dissatisfaction. Just finished saving up for that Canon/Nikon camera/lens you’ve been wanting? don’t worry, there’s a new one coming out that will make you start saving all over again and so on.

Got me thinking about being successful as an artist, selling to myself. As soon as I’ve wrapped something, there’s that healthy feeling of creating something better, closing the creative gap even more and doing it all over again. It’s about keeping that momentum, and never being satisfied, never being finished.