New work for MyPayNow

Happy to see some new work out and about. These images for MyPayNow via 40/40 Creative were taken on the back of a TVC production. With about 15 minuites for stills after the motion crew wrapped a scene, we re-interpreted the scenes slightly for storytelling in the stills medium, and shot stitched extention plates for multiple executions across OOH. All shot medium format.

Will Flack & Camille Egdorf for Costa Sunglasses

We got to spend some time with world class anglers Camille Egdorf and Will Flack on the saltwater flats in Belize.
We were blessed with dreamy blue skies and tropical balminess that was second to none – a few big days for Costa Sunglasses via McGarrah Jesse. These are a few of our favourite lifestyle images from the shoot.

Kimi Werner for Costa Sunglasses

We’re thrilled to see more of the portraits from the recent campaign we shot for Costa Sunglasses rolling out, this one featuring professional freediver and spearfisher Kimi Werner


I’ve been carrying my Hasselblad around with me, hanging with friends or on commercial projects. I’ll bring it out if I have the time and shoot a couple frames. Man do I loooove square format, Ii just feels right, and I suspect the 45 million photos a day on Instagram agree. All these were shot on a 500c using Portra 160 or 400

Kenny Smith Film

Dead Kooks

Teamed up with friends of mine Eden & Chloe the other day. Eden’s a rad guy and likes to make his own things you can surf on. I like people who make things; creatives, craftsmen, the like. You can check out his surfing boards on the Dead Kooks site.

View the whole In:Series here

I’ve Been Served……via Behance

If you’re a creative professionalĀ  and “up” on all things hip, then you’re probably like me and a huge follower of the Behance Network.

Part of my daily routine is a glance over at the “Served” sites, which curate the top projects from the thousands posted to Behance from all over the World, and summarize them into each category.

I was really pleased to get this email from chief curator Oscar Ramos Orozco:

Hello Kenny,
Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on and will appear on its front page. We developed our network of category-specific Served sites to further showcase the best projects on the Behance Network.
Our editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.
Congrats, and thanks for being involved in the Behance Network.

Oscar Ramos Orozco
Chief Curator /// Behance LLC
530 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

You can check out my project on Behance here:

All Aboard the Rain Train

Anyone that has been on the East coast of Australia will know how much it’s rained lately, weeks and weeks nonestop. I never thought it could rain this much, ever, anywhere. Along with messing with my head, it’s been messing with my business too.

Was scheduled to shoot a profile of actor Felix Kong, who’s been in recent roles in Sea Patrol, alongside Underbelly star Geyton Grantley in new film Full Catch, and in commercials for Subway and Nokia.

The weather just wouldn’t cooperate though, and our deadline was fast approaching. I finally had the idea of just riding the train to stay dry, and seeing what would happen. We packed real light, camera, lenses, Haley Whittle my makeup artist kept watch, and we came home with some cool shots.

You can view the whole shoot here

Life Story Magazine USA

Got word this morning that images from this shoot I did of teen singing sensation Jordan Jansen were run by US teen magazine Life Story.

I initially shot the images for Jordan’s US management company Electric Feel, and they were then re-licensed by Life Story who ran a 4 page editorial.

Here are the scans

The Art of Dissatisfaction

Read this thought provoking post on Seth Godin‘s blog about how successful brands are built on dissatisfaction. Just finished saving up for that Canon/Nikon camera/lens you’ve been wanting? don’t worry, there’s a new one coming out that will make you start saving all over again and so on.

Got me thinking about being successful as an artist, selling to myself. As soon as I’ve wrapped something, there’s that healthy feeling of creating something better, closing the creative gap even more and doing it all over again. It’s about keeping that momentum, and never being satisfied, never being finished.