“All by Myself” for Queensland Health via GPY&R

Worked alongside the folks at Taxi Film Production recently to make still images to support the Queensland Government’s “All by Myself” anti-smoking TV commercial by GPY&R. Bringing to life the vision that David Maunder, Eugine Horat, Andrew Thompson and the GPY&R team had was really great, and it was nice to be part of this emotive campaign.



Active Lifestyle for ResMed Worldwide via Sapient Nitro

We recently worked with Sapient Nitro on some brand images for American healthcare provider ResMed. Over a few fun-filled days days we created images to depict happy and healthy lifestyle scenes.

ResMed_006 HR [rgb]ResMed_012 HR [rgb]ResMed_014 HR [rgb]

ResMed_005 HR [rgb]