Behind the Scenes: Be Yourself

Here’s a neat little Behind the Scenes vid we shot during the Be Yourself shoot for Broadway on the Mall.

Props to Orien Zuyderhoff – Gray for the footage and Josh Maguire for the edit

Be Yourself at Broadway on the Mall

Did a fun little shoot with my friends at Laundry Group for Broadway on the Mall. The images were used in a neat little mini-mag, as well as in campaign posters and billboards.

Sports, People

A couple weeks ago I worked on a personal project showcasing people playing sport. I wanted to reenact memorable movements within each sport, isolated on a studio background. With a bit of planning and a truckload of Broncolor lighting we were able to get a number of real athletes on the huge Cyc at studio Thirty Four and go to work.

Everyone that helped out was amazing, and we all worked hard to get authentic sporting movements and had an amazingly fun time doing it.

A VERY big shoutout has to go to Paul from the Brisbane Bandits baseball team, Lachlan from AFL Queensland, and Adventure Racers Mike and Debbie.

Also to my crew, as always main assistant Josh, 2nd and 3rd assistants Katrice and Gina, Erin from ARC Creative, and last but not least everyone at Thirty Four.

Here is the series, we’re calling it: Sports, People