Universal Store – Back to the Street, Where I Began

Got to return to my roots, where my photography started, in my latest campaign for Universal Store. Waiting for light instead of lighting , selecting instead of retouching images. Shooting subjects instead of working with talent. Not styled, but style, not well lit but well visited. Swapped studio fees for plane tickets and fuel. Billboards are out now around town. Enjoy

New Work for Gold Coast City

Late 2011 I worked with Breanna Chalk and Jon Morris from Gold Coast City Corporate Communications to produce some images for the Gold Coast City Annual Report. As a long time resident I was honored to be involved in a project for a city that I love living in and calling home.

The City had put together a group people who had made a difference in the last year within our society, and we shot them with a modern clean style on white. Each person had made outstanding contributions in areas such as City Mayor, junior mayor, cultural ambassadors, disability and community activism, and volunteer services.

It was awesome shooting all of these great people and connecting with each one during the shoot. Below are some of may favs, plus a couple of tears from print.