Making of a Cocktail Party

I recently worked with art director Phillipa Burke from agency Smart to produce a few lifestyle images of a mock Рcocktail party. The brief from Smart was to create shots which depicted a sophisticated lounge atmosphere celebrating summer and our outdoor lifestyle. We assembled 10 talent one sunny afternoon and shot a series of day and night shots using natural & artificial light, with coloured gels to simulate candlelight.

As I was driving around today I spied a couple of these on buses, look out for them on billboards and on other media.



Feature on Design Montage

Happy to be interviewed by creative industry magazine Design Montage. While people wanting to know more about me is a pretty new thing and probably not something I’ll ever get used to, I’m stoked to be along side a lot of people I’ve looked up to in the industry for a long time.

Read the full interview here

Hello 2012, We’re Back

Today we launched the new re-branded KSP website and updated commercial portfolio, along with stationery and social media identities. Straight out of the gate I gotta thank: Andrew Suggit for the new branding, Cyberdo for the site, and my (new inhouse) producer Bel for helping me curate and shape my portfolio towards getting more work (more on that in a bit).
While I had always been happy with my initial site and branding, it was time to invest a bit in something a bit more fresh and directed at the bigger ballpark that I intend to play in.
Now, before dropping a big investment (read around 8k) on a new digital shopfront and signage, it was important to make sure that my portfolio was pointed in the direction I wanted to go professionally. Over a couple weeks and emails back and forth, we cut/rehashed/revisted a lot of shoots that I have done and came up with what you see here. Around the same time I met Suzanne Murray from Artisan, who is in the business of curating portfolios, and she invited me to bring my book into their office and they would have a go at curating it. While I’ll post excerpts from that meeting at a later date, suffice it to say it was a really healthy exercise and I’d recommend any creative to undertake something along those lines.

Without further ado….welcome to the all new Kenny Smith Photography site