Dead Kooks

Teamed up with friends of mine Eden & Chloe the other day. Eden’s a rad guy and likes to make his own things you can surf on. I like people who make things; creatives, craftsmen, the like. You can check out his surfing boards on the Dead Kooks site.

View the whole In:Series here

I’ve Been Served……via Behance

If you’re a creative professional¬† and “up” on all things hip, then you’re probably like me and a huge follower of the Behance Network.

Part of my daily routine is a glance over at the “Served” sites, which curate the top projects from the thousands posted to Behance from all over the World, and summarize them into each category.

I was really pleased to get this email from chief curator Oscar Ramos Orozco:

Hello Kenny,
Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on and will appear on its front page. We developed our network of category-specific Served sites to further showcase the best projects on the Behance Network.
Our editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.
Congrats, and thanks for being involved in the Behance Network.

Oscar Ramos Orozco
Chief Curator /// Behance LLC
530 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

You can check out my project on Behance here: