Must Read for Creatives or any Business Owners – Skip Perfection & Launch Early

I’m in Sydney doing meet & greets all over town. I’m at the friendly Mad Spuds cafe in Surry Hills blogging in a caffeine induced euphoria in between showing my book to the biggest agencies in the country.

I read this great post over on the blog about the Beta Principal. The concept is one that the major technology players have been doing for years. Launching a product knowing it’s not ready, and getting feedback about it’s faults and perfecting them that way.

Obviously there are some hazards to this theory which need to be carefully negotiated, and I’m not gonna list them here, they’re pretty flippin obvious. What I am inspired about is the call to get off our asses as creatives and put our work out there. Anyone who’s ever asked me how I think they should start building a client base has heard me repeat the tried and true saying “make more pictures, show more people”.

The reality is our work is never gonna be “perfect”, thats a lifelong process. If we wait for perfection in our product before we do something it’s never gonna happen.

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Courtney Hancock – Beachgirl to Ironwoman

Just finished working with Courtney Hancock, an athlete on the Kellogg’s Nutrigrain series. The brief to me called for an editorial type piece for publication to give a bit of insight on who Courtney is.

The story I’m telling is of the transition from Courtney the young beach girl, enjoying herself just like anyone else her age does,  to the unbridled drive that makes her a serious contender as an Ironwoman.  I think the transition between the lifestyle shots through to the final image of her running on the beach does that.

4 days after this shoot Courtney came runner up in the Coolangatta Gold endurance race.

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Beyond the Work & Extending your Vision

I’ve recently been shooting more complex projects from a production value point of view, which in turn has had me exercising my ability to extend my vision beyond the creative into building a team to work with.

Last project was a 4 day shoot with 7 crew including myself, plus art director, client production staff, and brand representatives to ensure we were within the client’s brand message. We had permits to secure access and shoot in public locations and were scheduled down to the minute. Everything from names of each talent and crew member attending each location down to switching on/off ambient lights had to be organized in advance. We built sets with props and furniture, made up and styled 30 plus talent, recreated sunlight, and used artificial light to reproduce window lit scenes. I shot tethered straight into a computer and at most point had a number of client representatives and stakeholders watching every shot in real time as I shot them. Obviously all of the above work is done by a team who, from the moment of being appointed the project, I relied on to help me deliver the final product.

All of this is not possible without putting 100% of trust in people that can either make or break the job. This is where vision extends beyond the work and into other areas of being a creative professional, knowing the work we want to do, how we want to do it, and who we want to do it with. Every detail adds to the outcome like creating the right vibe on set, making sure people are fed and happy, and presenting a unified front as a team to the client. This is what creative shoots are good for, building relationships and locking in the team.