Life Story Magazine USA

Got word this morning that images from this shoot I did of teen singing sensation Jordan Jansen were run by US teen magazine Life Story.

I initially shot the images for Jordan’s US management company Electric Feel, and they were then re-licensed by Life Story who ran a 4 page editorial.

Here are the scans

The Art of Dissatisfaction

Read this thought provoking post on Seth Godin‘s blog about how successful brands are built on dissatisfaction. Just finished saving up for that Canon/Nikon camera/lens you’ve been wanting? don’t worry, there’s a new one coming out that will make you start saving all over again and so on.

Got me thinking about being successful as an artist, selling to myself. As soon as I’ve wrapped something, there’s that healthy feeling of creating something better, closing the creative gap even more and doing it all over again. It’s about keeping that momentum, and never being satisfied, never being finished.