Clemenger BBDO’s Olive Branch Health Foods makes Cannes 2013 Shortlist

Stoked to hear that Clemenger BBDO Brisbane is amongst the handful of Australian agencies to make the shortlist in the Outdoor category at Cannes this year for the Olive Branch campaign. A huge thank you to everyone there for having me on board as a part of the making process.


Junior recently launched a campaign for Australand that I produced stills for. We approached the lifestyle brief with the vision of capturing a feeling somewhere between  fantasy and reality.

Australand “Be Swept Up in the Story” Campaign

We worked with the Melbourne & Queensland teams at Smart to put together a series of fashion-inspired images for Australand. Over 4 days we set out to tell an inner city story of romance, elegance, & timeless beauty with an urban feel.

Huge thanks to my producer Kat Cooke, the crew & everyone who worked tirelessly in the hot sun to make these images.

These are out now in outdoor media

Brisbane Bandits – Bigger & Badder

Worked with Art Directors Jim Strachan and Steve Schollum on a new campaign for the Brisbane Bandits baseball team.

Each year the Aussie players overseas come back over the break and a national competition is played in the capital cities over the summer.

Jim and Steve worked off the Bandit’s theme and came up with outlaw messages to tie back to the sport of baseball and we shot wanted poster-inspired mugshots of players.

Look out for these around the city this week

Behind the Scenes: Be Yourself

Here’s a neat little Behind the Scenes vid we shot during the Be Yourself shoot for Broadway on the Mall.

Props to Orien Zuyderhoff – Gray for the footage and Josh Maguire for the edit

Be Yourself at Broadway on the Mall

Did a fun little shoot with my friends at Laundry Group for Broadway on the Mall. The images were used in a neat little mini-mag, as well as in campaign posters and billboards.

New Promo Image for The Ten Tenors World Tour

Management for The Ten Tenors asked me back to shoot their promo shot this year to support their world tour. We shot this group shot in elements separately then comped them together in post to end up with huge image.

Styling is by The Cloakroom

Some New Hospitality Work

Shot some high end Hospitality images with Art Director Phillipa Burke for advertising agency Smart.

We used 10 talent from Reeder Models, a heap of lighting and coloured gels to create dark nightlife scenes during our 2 day shoot.

New Personal Work – Old Man MMA

A couple weeks ago I was able to complete a project that was in the pipeline for some time. I had this story in my head with 2 elderly guys set in the brutal sport of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts.

I was discussing it one evening with good friend and art director Mike Fritz and after about a year finally everything came together and we were able to shoot it.

I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who was involved, First of all to Mike my co-conspirator and art director, my team of Josh Maguire and his assistants, special effects makeup by Sharon Robbins from ARC, styling by Michelle Michaelson and of course the amazing cast of Hugh, Stewart, Daisy, Tom, and Liam. Last but not least to the amazing venue which is a working MMA gym Phoenix Elite MMA and Conditioning, thank you!

Without any more ado, here it is………Old Man MMA