Courtney Hancock – Beachgirl to Ironwoman

Just finished working with Courtney Hancock, an athlete on the Kellogg’s Nutrigrain series. The brief to me called for an editorial type piece for publication to give a bit of insight on who Courtney is.

The story I’m telling is of the transition from Courtney the young beach girl, enjoying herself just like anyone else her age does,  to the unbridled drive that makes her a serious contender as an Ironwoman.  I think the transition between the lifestyle shots through to the final image of her running on the beach does that.

4 days after this shoot Courtney came runner up in the Coolangatta Gold endurance race.

Click through to see the whole series here

1 thought on “Courtney Hancock – Beachgirl to Ironwoman

  1. Jamie mason on February 18, 2013 at 9:32 am says:

    Well done on your 2 wins yesterday and I hope u go all the way next week . You are a great role model for young lifesaver’s all over Australia so go get them cortz. One of your biggest fans Jamie mason.

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