Life Before Lockdown | A Retrospective of a Shortened 2020 Fly Fishing Season

During the Covid19 lockdown I rummaged through my personal archives. Images I probably would have forgotten about in normal circumstances after sharing casually on the ‘gram

This time at home has come with many feelings, but none more powerful than thankfulness. For friends, travel, and the outdoors. Getting away to explore new places or catch up with distant friends seems like such a luxury now, and probably should have then too.

I wonder if I would have reacted to these fish differently if I knew of the international shutdown that was coming? I also think about the fish who no doubt enjoyed a shortened season; a few months swimming free with no anglers hasseling them.

All fish caught were released.

Outdoorsy Types | Everyday Hikers in the Dolomites

While in the Dolomites in Northern Italy I asked fellow hikers if I could photograph their portraits. I learn so much from little projects like this, how to approach subjects, introduce what I’m doing, and then make myself as invisible as possible so the subject is free to give me an expression that is real.

I tried to limit myself to a single frame of each person, no selects or options. Just “click” and that’s it. It felt amazing.

There’s more from this project on my homepage.

Will Flack & Camille Egdorf for Costa Sunglasses

We got to spend some time with world class anglers Camille Egdorf and Will Flack on the saltwater flats in Belize.
We were blessed with dreamy blue skies and tropical balminess that was second to none – a few big days for Costa Sunglasses via McGarrah Jesse. These are a few of our favourite lifestyle images from the shoot.

Kimi Werner for Costa Sunglasses

We’re thrilled to see more of the portraits from the recent campaign we shot for Costa Sunglasses rolling out, this one featuring professional freediver and spearfisher Kimi Werner

Tennessee: Portrait of an Australian Farmer

In June 2017 I went and visited some friends of mine. During my time there I made a short film. The film is a motion portrait of Sam, as told by his wife George, who together with their children live on Tennessee, a farming property beyond the Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia. The film discusses the isolation, hard work and sense of calling of working and living on the land in Australia. Click on the image above to view the film

Official Selections and or Shortlisted at:
IndiFest USA
Seal Beach Film Festival
Auckland Film Festival
Byron Bay Film Festival
Sydney Lift Off Film Festival


Costa Sunglasses – For Those Who Need Water to Breathe

We’re stoked to be able to share a very small part of a big project we recently shot for eyewear brand Costa via McGarrah Jessee. We travelled to Belize to shoot a portrait series and lifestyle imagery of some of the world’s top professional anglers and spear fishing experts.

Taking these portraits as close to the action that best represented each subject was key, and it was a very fun yet challenging battle with the elements in an amazing setting. This image of waterman Mark Healey is already live on billboards in the USA, and we can’t wait to share more of this project as it rolls out.


Haos is the word for dwelling in Pijin, the language commonly spoken in the Solomon Islands. I travelled there recently and viewed and stayed in these local structures. Coming from a culture where the idea of houses has developed into something much more complicated; an investment, a symbol of status, it’s also interesting to reflect on the similarities; a place of rest, shelter from the elements, a location for families to return to after the days work.  Happy New Year to you and your Haos!

Iron Jack

We worked with the team at Lion Nathan to create both still and moving imagery for the launch of the new beer Iron Jack. We told a story of Australian Outdoorsmen living in the Outback among the freedom and challenges of this hot, rugged country.

Shot in a remote location in the Northern Territory, we embraced the challenge of  getting our 20 cast and crew onto our locations. Big thanks to our Darwin Unit who provided superb local knowledge, casting assistance and crocodile safety (no joke!)

Below is a Directors Cut of the footage we shot, as well as some images from the project:

Joining the Drive to Save Lives

Shot a nice little project to promote motorcycle safety that’s now in the market. We were asked to create visuals that illustrated the idea that a rider’s relationship with a motorbike is like a marriage, and sometimes needs tender loving care to keep it on track. The purpose is to promote driver re-training courses for middle-aged riders returning to a motorbike after a long period off the bike.

We were blessed with some really nice bikes and styling on the shoot, and our human talent did a fantastic job with his 2 wheeled co-stars.

Ride safe everyone!